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WooCommerce: Attach Me! is a woocommerce plugin that allows Shop Managers to attach any kind of file to your clients’s orders. Attach Images, documents, videos, proofs… no limits!
Furthermore, the Shop Managers can also:

  1. attach files to products (like manuals, documents, etc.): these files are automatically available to download in the product pages and/or on order details page after the customers have purchased them (and optionally visible only if the order has reached a specific status)! You can also specify an Expiring time (only for order attachments)!
  2. create automatic email attachments: sent when a specific order status email is sent by WooCommerce

Note: The plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum 5.5 PHP version.


user: demo
pass: demo

How to automatically update the plugin

To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin: .The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: .


Shop Managers will be able to upload one or more files directly from the “edit order” page.
WCAM adds an “Attachment box” for every order where the Shop Manager can add as many files as he whishes! Every attachment can be visible only for specific order statuses!


The shop admin can also attach files to products (directly from their edit pages) that are automatic available to download in the product page and/or in the order details page after an order has been placed.
These attachments can also been available only if the order reaches a specific status(es) or if the current user has to specific user roles.

Furthermore, for every order attachment the shop admin can set an expiring time (specific date or set a time span after the order has been placed during which is possible the download).
Optionally, order attachments can use masked url that allows the system to check if the request belongs to authorized user.

This kind of attachments are useful to attach manuals, pdf or other media files. Optionally files can be sent automatically via email.

The shop admin now can also use the new Bulk products attachments tools to bulk assign attachments to products (directly selecting them or using categories).

Shop admin can notify customer whenever a file is attached to the order and link it directly in the body message.
Optionally can also send all the uploads directly via email as attachments. Furthermore you can embed also a preset text previously saved!


Order attachmets can be optionally embedded to Processing, Completed or Customer Invoce emails!


Order attachments can optionally be downloaded only if the user has accepted a disclaimer.

WCAM creates secure download links for every product and order attachments. In this way only the order owener or who bought the product can access to the its attachments!
Furthermore, for order attachments the “Secure download” option can be enabled/disabled as whish.


For both product and order attachments you can set an expiring date or time amount (after the order date) at which the attachment will expire and not longer available to download!


Every customer can download his orders attachments simply by opening “My Account” -> “View Order” page. In this page, the plugins adds
a new area called “Attachments” where he will find all the files attached by the Shop Manager for that order.


By WCAM plugin you can also create the “automatic email attachments”. Using the special configurator, you can attach same file the account, new order, processing order, complete order and invoce emails!


Optionally order and products attachments can be listed and downlaoded directly in the My Account -> Downloads tab. To do that just enable the special option in the General otpions & text -> My Account – Downloads section.

Are you using the WooCommerce Sequential Order Number Pro? use the following Add-on to display the custom id in the Download table.


Shop admin can customize the html snippet used in the Order Details page by copying the /woocommerce-attach-me/templates/view_order_template.php file to {your theme folder}/wcam/view_order_template.php
and customize as wished!

Don’t you want to mess with templates or files? No problem! you can customize text directly using the WooCommerce Attach Me! menu option!


Is possible to enable “Image preview” option by which if an attachment image is detected, will be displayed as a thumb. Thumb size is customizable too (by default is used the default WordPress “Settings” -> “Media” -> “Thumb size” option)

Furthermore, previews can be displayed using a lightbox!


For every order attachment, shop manager can enable “customer feedback”, “customer approval” and the selective “required feedback” option. This option will make the feedback field required only if a specific approval value has been selected.
The admin can also enable an option to receive email notification whenever an user approves/gives feedback to an attachment and to notify to the customer whenever a file is attached to the order.

NOTE: Some servers have restrictions preventing wp_email() to send attachments bigger than 5mb. If you are experience this kind of problem, you can simply install any SMTP emailer plugin. This kind of plugins will let you to use any external email services (like gmail, outlook, any smtp server) to send emails.


using the special [wcam_last_order_attachments] is now possible to display the last order attachments for the currently logged user!


On Order deletion, every attachment is deleted too.

Event Tickets by Modern Tribe compatible

The plugin is compatible with event-products used by Event Tickets. YDo all the tests you need in the live demo site where is installed the Event Tickets free version.


TinyMCE Advanced plugin is incompatible with WCAM plugin. It prevents the advanced textarea added by WCAM in the order page to properly work.
So if you are using it and you decide to buy the plugin, please disabled it to properly use WCAM plugin.


Directly from order list you can easily track how many attachments exists for orders and buk delete them!





My Account – Downloads tab

Optionally attachments can be listed in the My Account -> Downloads tab


On order details page will be showed a section containing the product downloadable files for the pruchased products.
Section title can be changed using the “General Settings” menu.


= 14.1 - 14.06.17 =
* Fixed an issue that may reset customer selection when creating a new order and attaching a file

= 14.0 - 14.06.18 =
* Fixed an issue with WPML due to in order edit page the order status selector was empty

= 13.9 - 11.06.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to order attachements were not reported in the order notes

= 13.8 - 26.05.18 =
* Added new option to select a different method to preview images.

= 13.6 - 22.05.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to on approval status change order status was not updated

= 13.5 - 04.05.18 =
* Improved description box (Admin order page) UI
* Admin order page: added "copy to clipboard" buttons for attachements

= 13.4 - 24.04.18 =
* Typo (thanks to smokeandstrawberries for reporting)

= 13.3 - 23.04.18 =
* Added option to customize the download button text for product attachments

= 13.2 - 23.04.18 =
* Minor bugfix

= 13.1 - 21.04.18 =
* Added option to position Attachment list before/after oder table on Order details page

= 13.0 - 13.04.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to for variable products, all the specific variation attachments where showed on order details page and emails

= 12.9 - 12.03.18 =
* Added "user role restriction" option for product attachement

= 12.8 - 12.03.18 =
* Improved Options menu UI

= 12.7 - 10.03.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to order expired attachment were displayed in the Downloads tab

= 12.6 - 10.03.18 =
* Fixed a bug due to file were downloadable from Downloads tab even if the disclaimer was not been accepted

= 12.5 - 08.02.18 =
* Fixed some bug related to the order notification message

= 12.4 - 03.02.18 =
* Added file names on order notes

= 12.3 - 31.01.18 =
* When a notification is sent or an attachement is included in a status email notification email, an order note is added to keep track of those actions

= 12.2 - 15.12.17 =
* Added new shortocodes that can be used in email body and subject

= 12.1 - 12.12.17 =
* Typos

= 12.0 - 13.11.17 =
* Added support for the WooCommerce Attache Me! - Sequential Order Number Pro addon

= 11.9 - 13.11.17 =
* Attachment now can be included in custom order email created with WooCommerce Order Status Manager (not available for automatic email attachments)

= 11.8 - 23.09.17 =
* Fixed an issue on the Download page due to the order link was not pointing to order details page

= 11.7 - 16.08.17 =
* Fixed an issue on product admin page

= 11.6 - 14.08.17 =
* Is now possible adding a description to the attachment

= 11.5 - 10.08.17 =
* Fixed an issue due to in some installation automatic attachments are not attacched to emails

= 11.4 - 10.08.17 =
* Improved "accepted disclaimer" managment

= 11.3 - 08.08.17 =
* For orde attachments secure links, add counter that show number of downloads

= 11.2 - 07.08.17 =
* Added "disclaimer" feature for Order attachment: the user will be able to download the attached file only accepting the disclaimer

= 11.1 - 03.08.17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 11.0 - 06.07.17 =
* Improved internal cache sub-system

= 10.9 - 30.06.17 =
* Fixed an issue with WooCommerce 2.6 and Product attachemnts

= 10.8 - 29.06.17 =
* Fixed an issue that may prevent order attachments to be properly created

= 10.7 - 27.06.17 =
* Fixed an issue with TinyMCE source code editor

= 10.6 - 26.06.17 =
* Fixed an issue relative to notification email and 2.6 WooCommerce version

= 10.5 - 12.06.17 =
* Minor bugfixes

= 10.4 - 05.06.17 =
* Added option to attach file on product page

= 10.3 - 25.05.17 =
* Minor bugfixes

= 10.2 - 06.05.17 =
* Fixed a warning message due to the usage of the deprecated function get_product instead of wc_get_product

= 10.1 - 03.05.17 =
* Added successful message after a feedback has been submitted by the user

= 10.0 - 27.04.17 =
* Fixed issue with product attachment only visible in outgoing emails

= 9.9 - 24.04.17 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented attachments to be properly visible in the Download list in WooCommerce 3.0.3

= 9.8 - 17.04.17 =
* Fixed an issue related to  WooCommerce 2.6 backward incopatibility

= 9.7 - 10.04.17 =
* Fixed other WooCommerce 2.6 backward incopatibility issues

= 9.6 - 05.04.17 =
* Added support to upcoming WooCommerce 3.0

= 9.5 - 28.03.17 =
* Added support to upcoming WooCommerce 3.0

= 9.4 - 16.03.17 =
* Fixed serveral bugs related to the Product and Orders attahcment expiration feature

= 9.3 - 13.03.17 =
* Added option to set expiration date (or time amount after order date) for order attachments

= 9.2 - 09.03.17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 9.1 - 07.03.17 =
* Small performance improvement

= 9.0 - 28.02.17 =
* Fixed some CSS issues

= 8.9 - 21.02.17 =
* Added options to allow attachments download in My Account -> Downloads tab

= 8.8 - 16.02.17 =
* Fixed an issue due to attachments file name could not have the extension

= 8.7 - 12.02.17 =
* Fixed an issue due to links were not embedded in WooCommerce outgoing emails

= 8.6 - 02.02.17 =
* Fixed an issue that caused crashes on user registration

= 8.5 - 18.01.17 =
* Added new "View Attachments" button on orders list (My Account page)

= 8.4 - 12.01.17 =
* Small improvement on reading file when using secure links system

= 8.3 - 23.12.16 =
* Minor bugfix 

= 8.2 - 17.12.16 =
* Fixed a bug that may prevent the plugin to be properly initialized

= 8.1 - 12.12.16 =
* Added option to set order status according to the user approval selected option

= 8.0 - 08.12.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.9 - 02.11.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.8 - 15.10.16 =
* Added button to collapse/expand attachment box
* Added option to set default text for email that embeds links

= 7.7 - 12.10.16 =
* Added new .po languages

= 7.6 - 06.10.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.5 - 11.09.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.4 - 31.08.16 =
* Bugifx on variants selector

= 7.3 - 16.08.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.2 - 27.07.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.1 - 22.07.16 =
* Minor bugfix

= 7.0 - 07.07.16 =
* Product attachments: added option to attach file to outgoing emails only

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Mercifully Note: We refresh new substance like WordPress Themes,
Plugins, PHP Scripts ordinary. In any case, recall that you
ought to never utilize this things in a business site.
Every one of the substance posted here for advancement
and testing reason as it were. We’re not in charge of
any harm, use at your own particular RISK! We highly recommend to buy WooCommerce Attach Me! from the The Developer ( vanquish ) website. Thank you.

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