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Twitter Promotion: Sharer, Viral and Marketing Social Script-[Clean-Nulled].zip

Twitter Promotion: Sharer, Viral and Marketing Social Script - 1

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Create a social promotion so users can share with friends, family or followers on the social network. When they reach a targeted number of visitors, they can unlock your exclusive promotion and redeem online or in-store. Use on desktop, tablet or mobile.


This will help you turn your customers or visitors into your personal viral marketing team who tells many people about your products or services on the social network, growing your traffic, referrals and sales overnight.

Suitable for most businesses such as Health & Beauty, Hospitality, Retail, Service Providers, Venues & Events.


Users can share to unlock your coupon code.

Users can share to unlock your monthly deal.

Users can share to reduce the price.

Users can share for exclusive download.

Users can share to unlock your in-store promotion (via QR Code).

Users can share to watch exclusive video.


Twitter Promotion: Sharer, Viral and Marketing Social Script - 2

1. Visitor Count
You can set target visitor count (that means each user must share with certain number of friends to unlock your promotion). The user must share there unique link on the social network to increase the visitor count..

2. Share Count
When their friends click their link and visit the promotion page, it adds to their share count (e.g. if 5 friends visit the link, then 5 visits is added to their share count).

3. Locked Content
Once target visitor count is reached, your hidden content is shown (so your content will be unlocked after a certain number of visitors have been reached).


1. Unique Share Counts
Each user has a unique share count so they they must share with targeted number of friends to unlock your promotion (which means when user shares, it adds to their share count only – this is based on a unique share link which includes the Sharelock ID + IP address in the url:

2. Unlimited Pages
You can set a sharelock ID in the script, so you can create multiple promotions with unique share counts (when new user visits the page, a new file is created with sharelock ID and their IP address, e.g. 1_ip-address.txt).

3. Counter Reset
When target visitor count is reached and user claims, the counter resets to 1 if they revisit the page so they must share with more friends if they want to claim again.


Not only does this tool offers easy and fast installation (no database or app setup needed), you also get the following benefits:

1. Attract more customers
It helps you attract more customers to your products or services overnight.

2. Convert more customers
It helps you convert more traffic into leads, prospects and sales.

3. Retain more customers
It helps keep customers returning and sharing your products or services with friends.


Like/Follow Locker – WORSE OPTION

  1. You get SINGLE person who likes or followers.
  2. They can click unlike or unfollow at anytime.
  3. Once they claim, they may forget your business.

Share Locker – BETTER OPTION

  1. You can get MULTIPLE fans/followers via sharing and referrals.
  2. You get RETURNING visitors, keeping your business top of mind (they check their share counter daily).
  3. You can create NUMEROUS promotions (each with there own share locker).



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