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Unclutter your customer support workflow, and improve client satisfaction with our complete support ticket system!

TicketLab is the only WordPress theme which comes with a ticket system. Create and manage tickets all from one amazing interface.

TicketLab is the only WordPress theme which comes with a ticket system. Create and manage tickets all from one amazing interface.

TicketLab is the only WordPress theme which comes with a ticket system. Create and manage tickets all from one amazing interface.

Easily assign prioritize and solve customer support tickets.

Create an exquizit help desk template and take customer support to the next level.

Create Trello bug reports with a few clicks.

Our Github and Trello integration make this theme the perfect documentation template for software projects

1-click Github Issue reporting

Build a rocking WordPress knowledge base website.

The story behind TicketLab’s success

How TicketLab grew into a complete WordPress ticket system.

Using intel we’ve gathered by offering premium client support for over 5 years, we knew exactly what features would be most needed in a theme which is crafted to take your client satisfaction to the next level.

How to build a complete help desk template.

Let’s have a closer look at what clients would need, in order to experience top notch support from you or your company.

1. It all starts, of course, with a software (or another type of) product which is extremely well marketed. If you are not 100% clear about your product’s abilities when marketing it, you’re obviously off on the wrong foot. Clients need to know what to expect, so we made sure to include a full range of shortcodes which will help you showcase your product. If you are trying to promote software, you will surely find our Changelog and File Hierarchy shortcodes extremely valuable for you and your development team.

2. The next step in your client’s funnel would be researching your brand online and making sure that you’re trustworthy enough. It doesn’t matter if what you’re selling is at a high or low price point, customers never spend a penny if they don’t think they’ll get a good value package for it. To make sure that you get the most out of this, we’ve built a blog section into the theme, which you can install as a separate entity from your ticket system, on something like blog.exampledomain[dot]com, or simply build a page with it. Using the blog you’ll be able to build a reputation by posting high-quality content and gain more traction online.

3. Next, your clients would hopefully go ahead and purchase, so the following step, and a very important one in your item’s path to success is to provide them with a rocking knowledge base. Sure, this is not as easy as it sounds by any means, but we made sure to include all the tools you’ll need to be successful. We live in a very fast-paced world, so creating video tutorials is probably the best thing you can do. I can definitely tell you from our own experience here at BigBangThemes, that clients want info handed to them in formats which allow them to get the piece of info they need in the smallest amount of time possible.

Building high-quality video tutorials and serving them through the intuitive shortcodes we’ve included in our support WordPress theme is a quick and easy way of aiding the efforts of your support team.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a well-built knowledge base. It’s the foundation of a healthy help desk website and a vital part of your support team’s day to day activities.

Being a support agent is absolutely amazing. You get to discuss with new and interesting people every day (often enough from all around the world) and you get to be helpful and make their day better. It goes without saying that it comes with its perks as well, and having to repeat the same thing 40 times daily is definitely not something that would go by anyone lightly. That’s why we made it so easy to quickly turn a reply or even a question into an F.A.Q item or a knowledge base post.

4. The final part of your client’s process of buying and using your product, and the one your clients will have the most contact with, is, of course, the actual WordPress support ticket system. This was a tricky one because we wanted to make sure that we go a step beyond what traditional support ticketing software or WordPress support plugins offer. We wanted the client to feel that he’s a very valued member of your brand’s community, so we went ahead and created two completely different solutions you could choose (but more on that later).

The second thing we wanted to do, is making sure we take the old and somewhat bulky WordPress interface and offer a great, fresh looking agent dashboard. It was extremely important for us that support staff feel relaxed and love the interface because we’ve definitely learned (the hard way) that the happier a support agent is, the happier will the client be after the ticket is closed.

Offering a private ticket system experience

One of the greatest things about TicketLab is that you have an option that will essentially completely change the path your clients take when asking for support, but this won’t affect your support team one bit. I already told you above, that one option is offering your clients a one-on-one approach, where agents can speak with clients in private tickets. This provides the advantage of keeping confidential information private between the company and the client, as well as offering a much more premium feel for those of you who are looking for ways of monetizing the support they offer.

The alternative to this is one that works great to those of you who are looking to use TicketLab more like a WordPress forum theme. We have implemented a forum structure within the theme, which will be great for those tech companies who are looking to promote software products. Using this, you’ll not only be able to provide high-quality support to clients but also use the forum as a smart way of extending your knowledge base, as well as your support team agents (wink!).

Support forums have managed to withstand the race with time due to the fact that they have two very good things going for them. The first one is that clients are much more likely to search a forum for clients with similar problems – and solve them before even pushing the submit ticket button. The second is the fact that humans by nature feel the need to help when they can, so you’ll find that more often than not clients who encountered an issue actually take time out of their busy days to really go in-depth when explaining bug fixes, or alternative solutions they’ve used.

Why TicketLab is your best choice for a WordPress support ticket system

The four steps I described above are really essential to making sure that your product has the best chance you can give it to succeed. Of course, nothing good comes without a lot of sweat, but we wanted to make sure that we included all the tools needed to make you successful. We’re still working hard on improving TicketLab, and there are still many updates we’re working on which will bring the theme to new heights, and set new benchmarks for quality client support.

Choosing BigBangThemes goes a long way to ensuring continuous and valuable updates, top notch support and top quality custom services. Please feel free to reach out with any presale questions right here in the item Comments section, and direct any technical queries to our support staff.

Update History

V.1.1.3 – 10.5.2018

Plugins repo update
Fixed social icon issue
Added background image for login  popup
Fixed video player bug
Fixed duplicated tickets on refresh bug

V.1.1.2 – 20.3.2018

Plugins repo update
Map shortcode / js error fixed
More custom options added in the Customizer

V.1.1.1 – 2.1.2018

Plugins repo update
Minor fixes

V.1.1.0 – 28.12.2017 – Major Update!

Mark tickets private from the frontend (agent and client dashboard integrations)
Major code refactoring
Added filter for main admin users - now you can add your admin and moderator users in the main array without changing the code - check the TicketLab's docs
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Add your own priorities! Now you have the option of adding custom ticket priorities except for the standard "Low Normal High".
Fixed new tickets issue in agent and client dashboards
Added an option in Theme Customizer to hide the search from breadcrumbs
Removed assignee column from agent dashboard table if you are in My Pending Tickets
Added new Status column in agent dashboard and client dashboard tables to see if tickets are public or private

V.1.0.9 – 1.09.2017

Fixing demo import problem
Further shortcode improvements
Updated plugins repo

V.1.0.8 – 22.08.2017

!!!NEW Feature!!! - Assign multiple moderators
!!!NEW Feature!!! - Option to redirect clients to the dashboard instead of the ticket forum page.
Minor fixes

V.1.0.7 – 31.07.2017

Fixes Visual Composer Continuous loop problem

V.1.0.6 – 27.07.2017

!!!NEW Feature!!! - Added First reply in single topic on Agent / Client dashboards.
!!!NEW Shortcode!!! - Code Feature Shortcode
!!!NEW Shortcode!!! - File Hierarchy Shortcode
!!!NEW Shortcode!!! - New Steps Shortcode
Fixes Color Changers issue
Plugin Repository Update
Css Fixes

V.1.0.5 – 28.06.2017

!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Ticket Priority tool
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Ticket Assign tool
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Frontend Agent Dashboard Priority / Assign tool
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Frontend Agent / Client Dashboard Attach File option
Css Fixes
Minor bug fixes
Plugin Repository Update
WP 4.8 Compatibility Check

V.1.0.4 – May 30th, 2017

Knowledge Base Search Bug Fix
Updated .pot file
Agent dashboard link option added in Theme Options Pannel
Agent dashboard pagination option added in Theme Options Pannel
Client dashboard link option added in Theme Options Pannel
Popup image options added in Theme Options Pannel
Minor css fixes
Plugin Repository Update

V.1.0.3 – May 25th, 2017

!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Client Interface
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - New Testimonials slider shortcode
Framework Improvements
Minor bug fixes

V.1.0.2 – May 20th, 2017

!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Agent Interface - Beta version
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - New Helpdesk Shortcode Design Style
!!!NEW FEATURE!!! - Facebook & Twitter login
BBpress single reply author display name bug fix
Submission form input text color style bug fix
Submission form header background image fix
WooCommerce Subscription Tests & Compatibility Check

V.1.0.1 – May 2nd, 2017

French translation added
Spanish translation added
Zendesk plugin bug fix

V.1.0.0 – Apr 15th, 2017

Official Release

Full Live Demo

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