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Theme Details

Story is a sharp, modern and clean WordPress theme. The theme is very flexible and it comes with some awesome features, such as a fullscreen slider, custom headers and custom background sections, which make it perfect for showcasing and selling your work and products. Story WordPress theme is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for any type of website, such as creative portfolio, photography, products, corporate and business sites. With the combination of responsive design and parallax animations, this theme will provide an optimal viewing experience and will make your website look great on across wide range of devices and screen sizes. The theme comes with an extensive admin panel, packed with various options so you can easily modify styles, colors, fonts, layouts and other aspects of the theme.

Theme Demos

  • Main Demo – uses the default theme style and includes examples of all the main elements
  • Agency Demo (mini demo) – light minimalistic style, with example elements for agency/portfolio site
  • Adventure Demo (mini demo) – travel themed demo with emphasis on typography & photography
  • Photography Demo (mini demo) – dark style, including photography portfolio elements
  • Business Demo (mini demo) – blue highlight colors, business style
  • Restaurant Demo (mini demo) – restaurant / food inspired style and elements
  • Vintage Demo (mini demo) – vintage / retro style demo
  • Health & Lifestyle Demo (mini demo) – light minimalistic style

You can also see a list with all the available demos here.

Fullscreen slider

The theme features a fullscreen slider that comes with lots of customization options, the slider comes with three main layout types:

  • Background image/solid color layout: Short text with various options for text location and options to change all the main typography settings such as font family, font size, text color, etc.
  • Two-boxes layout ( text + image ): available layout options are horizontal (left text, right image and left image, right text) and vertical (top text, bottom image and top image, bottom text). It also includes options to change all the main typography settings such as font family, font size, text color, etc.
  • Horizontal image slider – displays multiple images in a horizontal slider, supports bulk image upload.
  • Background video slide – displays an HTML video background to the slide (works with MP4, WebM and Ogg file formats)

You can set the layout type per slide and mix all the different layouts into one page slider. The slider also supports deeplinking, so you can link to a specific slide and an autoplay functionality – you can see it in action here.

Story includes a flexible AJAX portfolio gallery with awesome jQuery animations and effects, which comes with lots of options available for its items.

The gallery also provides an AJAX pagination and category filter for a better items organisation.

For each gallery item you have the option to select one of the following click actions:

  • Dynamically open an image slider (full-width or two-column layout) with a nice jQuery animation, containing additional images attached to the item (bulk upload – you can upload lots of images with a single click).
  • Open an image lightbox as image gallery attached to the item (images can be uploaded in bulk)
  • Play video – full-width or two-column layout
  • Open the item content in a new page
  • Open a custom link in a new page

Also there are lots of options the gallery provides, some of them are:

  • Masonry Layout Support
  • Option to choose between two, three and four column layout
  • Unlimited gallery pages – you can create as many galleries as you need with different image sets
  • Partial Loading in slider – loads images in background on portions for faster performance. Works well with large amount of images attached to a single item.
  • Social Sharing – the slider view of the gallery provide sharing options, so you can easily share your items images on the most popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Dynamic AJAX category filter (can be enabled/disabled per page)
  • AJAX pagination which is great for large number of items
  • Options to link to a specific page/category of the gallery

Custom Header Backgrounds

Story supports different background settings for the different pages. For each page header you can:

  • Select a custom background image
  • Set a custom background color
  • Set the background image opacity
  • Choose between a standard and large header
  • Set a custom background color of the sticky menu – here is an example

Responsive Design

The theme is responsive, so that it fits and looks great on different size of devices – desktop, mobile phones and tablets. Also, the main gallery slider supports finger gestures, so it is very easy to navigate between the images on touch devices.

Unlimited Color Options

The theme includes options to change all the main theme colors, such as header, main content, sidebar and footer background and text colors, so
you can easily build your custom skin with your favorite colors. All the color settings are included in the Theme Customizer section, so that you can live preview the color changing. Here are some examples of what you can achieve:

  • Light Colors – Health and Lifestyle Demo
  • Dark Colors – Photography Demo
  • Dark Blue – Restaurant Demo

Advanced Content Editor Buttons

The theme includes an unique set of buttons that allows you to directly insert the various elements into your editor area. In this way you can easily build
full-width background sections with custom elements and style settings. Some of the elements that you can easily add with the advanced editor are:

  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Recent Blog Posts
  • Services Boxes
  • Testimonials
  • Background Sections
  • Pricing Tables
  • Call to Action Sections
  • Content Columns
  • Custom Lists
  • Other

Parallax Slider and Sections

The theme implements parallax effects in different elements and sections, such as:

  • Content slider background image
  • Full-width sections background images
  • Servcies boxes animations

The parallax functionality can be enabled/disabled for each individual section/item.

One-click demo import

Story comes with a one-click demo import option that allows you to easily import all of the main data, elements and styles from the theme demos (main demo and all of the mini demos). Please note that the demos are under constant development, so sometimes there might be some minor differences in the imported data.

Font Management

The theme provides a friendly user interface to implement the default web-safe fonts and Google API Fonts. We have created a section where you can enable as many fonts as you like just by adding the URL the Google API provides. You can see some examples here

Retina Display Optimizations

We have included retina display optimizations for all the main graphics used in the theme, so they look sharp on retina displays.

2 Image Sliders Included (unlimited usage)

Story also includes three different sliders that can be included on different pages:

  • Content Slider – in each slide you can set:
    • a background image and set and set a different opacity to it
    • background color
    • slide animation direction
    • slide layout included:
      • Centered text
      • Image with text on the left
      • Image with text on the right
      • YouTube video with text on the left
      • YouTube video with text on the right
    • description, titles, buttons and side image
  • Fade Slider – can be used as a main page header slider,
    gallery post type slider or it can be embedded into the content of the
    posts and pages.

Mega Menus Support

The theme comes with an out of the box mega menu support, you can easily activate a mega menu per parent menu item.

Extensive Documentation

The theme comes with a detailed documentation, which includes examples, screenshots and all the main instructions you will need to customize your site. Additionally, we have included a “Getting started” section which includes some helpful links about working with WordPress and instructions about what steps to follow when setting the theme.

Other Key Features

  • WooCommerce Support
  • Post Formats Support, including the following formats:
    • Standard Post – includes a featured image in the header
    • Video Post – includes a video in the header
    • Gallery Post – includes a slider in the header
    • Aside Post
    • Quote Post
  • Multiple blog layouts available:
    • Standard layout with left/right sidebar
    • Full-width layout
    • Two columns masonry layout
    • Three columns masonry layout
    • Two columns masonry layout with left/right sidebar
  • SEO Optimized – the theme has been built with all the main SEO best practices in mind
  • Unlimited Sidebars – dynamic sidebar generation functionality
  • Easy page layout changing – for each page you can choose between:
    • Right Sidebar
    • Left Sidebar
    • Full-width
  • Social sharing available – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, can be enabled on pages, posts, portfolio items and portfolio sliders.
  • Advanced slider management section – easy to create and edit slider items
  • Translation ready – a .po file included for translation of all the built-in (front-end) words
  • Easy logo replacement
  • Separate portfolio section
  • WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu Support
  • jQuery Tabs
  • AJAX contact form
  • Sociable Icons section in header
  • Comments with reply functionality (multiple levels depth)
  • Multi level drop-down menu
  • Custom styled elements included
  • Two bonus widgets included – Portfolio Posts Widget displaying the latest items’ images and a Recent Posts Widget
    widget which displays the latest blog posts with a thumbnail image
  • Works and looks similar in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome


  • Version 1.9.6
    • GDPR: Contact page – added an option to enable a data collection consent checkbox
    • GDPR: Add support for the upcoming WordPress 4.9.6 comment form cookie checkbox
    • Fixed: Fullscreen slider background videos not autoplaying in some cases
    • General improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.9.5
    • Introduced support for the upcoming WordPress 4.9 Gallery Widget
    • Fixed: scroll to top button not working on the latest version of Chrome
    • Improved the way the demo import works
    • Minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.9.4
    • Updated the contact form reCAPTCHA widget to version 2, since version 1 is now deprecated (this requires
      generating new API keys)
    • Fixed: PHP7 issue with the demo importer
    • Fixed: Some minor styling issues with some of the WooCommerce elements
    • Fixed: WooCommerce shop page showing the gallery & blog templates settings in the edit page screen
  • Version 1.9.3
    • Introduced compatibility with the upcoming WooCommerce 3.0, including support for the new product gallery
    • General code improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.9.2
    • Removed the Envato Toolkit Library that handles automatic updates due to the retirement of the old Envato API (that Envato Toolkit uses). Implemented a script to install the Envato Market Plugin, which is the new tool to install automatic updates
      from the dashboard. For more information please refer to the Updates section.
  • Version 1.9.1
    • Fixed: Quick gallery in blog page with masonry layout not resizing the thumbnails correctly (since 1.9.0)
    • Improved: the way the widgets styles are loaded in the admin, so they are not cached after installing a theme update
  • Version 1.9.0
    • Added: Option to enable a category filter in the blog page header
    • Added: More content column layouts with options to change the layout available when hovering a column element in the editor
    • Added: New demo – Adventure, available for importing from the Demo Import section
    • Added: More typography options
    • Added: Option to enable vertically centered and emphasized content of the text-only services boxes with Boxed Layout applied
    • Added: Option to apply custom CSS class to the background sections
    • Added: More WordPress action hooks to the footer section
    • General code improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.8.3
    • Improved: The design of the WooCommerce account page
    • Improved: The way the WooCommerce cart icon content is loaded in the header (works better with caching plugins)
    • Updated: The TGM Plugin Activation library to the latest version
    • General code improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.8.2
    • Added: option to select categories to be included in the blog page – extended the “Exclude categories” option to allow choosing an “include” action
    • Improved: when replying to comments, adds the reply form below the comment to reply to
    • Fixed: WordPress 4.5 issue – the new inline link tooltip not working in background sections
    • Fixed: compatibility issue with Polylang – language switcher redirects to the home page instead of the translated version of the current page
    • Fixed: compatibility issue with 3rd party plugins: theme’s editor dialogs broken when plugins load custom jQuery UI dialog styles and apply them globally to all dialogs used in the dashboard
    • Style improvements on the Story Options page
  • Version 1.8.1
    • Fixed: WooCommerce 2.5 update issue: the number of items in header cart icon not updated
    • Fixed: WooCommerce 2.5 update: fixed some design and spacing issues
  • Version 1.8.0
    • Fixed: WordPress 4.4 issue – selected and saved sets in editor elements (recent posts element, portfolio carousel and sliders) not selected by default when editing
    • Added: option to set max display width to the embedded into the content YouTube and Vimeo videos
    • Added: hentry properties to the blog posts markup – this can help the search engines to more easily identify the different elements of the blog posts data
    • Improved: The portfolio slider content scrolling when the content is higher than the content area
    • Improved: layout and style of some of the WooCommerce shop elements
    • Improved: removed the usage of the deprecated WooCommerce hook add_to_cart_fragments
    • Fixed: portfolio gallery category filter issue on mobile devices when AJAX is disabled
  • Version 1.7.1
    • Fully handle the WordPress 4.3 terms splitting. The upcoming WordPress 4.3 will automatically split all of the shared
      terms between different taxonomies, which means that it will change the IDs of those terms in the database.
      This can affect the theme’s elements that store references to the terms IDs. With this theme update, when a term splitting occurs, the theme will change all of the references from the old IDs to the new IDs. Please make sure to update the theme before updating WordPress to 4.3 once it is released, as the terms splitting will be performed during the WordPress upgrade process.
  • Version 1.7.0
    • Added: option to add the content slider to the content of the pages/posts
    • Added: WordPress hooks to the main elements (header, content and footer) so that custom code can be applied to those sections in child themes
    • Added: display featured images in the posts RSS feed
    • Updated: the PrettyPhoto plugin to version 3.1.6
    • Fixed: minor markup errors in the post comments section
    • Fixed: portfolio gallery – when AJAX is disabled and a category is selected, the pagination links link to all categories of the page instead of the selected category only
    • Fixed: removed a reference to a non-existing image in the style.css file
    • Other general code improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.6.2
    • Updated the TGM Plugin Activation class to fix issues related with the recently found XSS vulnerability of the add_query_arg() function
  • Version 1.6.1
    • Added: option to use embed iframe code in the portfolio video items and blog video posts
    • Added:
      WP 4.2 Term Splitting
      handling for the header sliders and filtered categories in the Blog page and Portfolio Gallery page templates
    • Added: option to change the default drop-down menus colors
    • Improved: allow custom (user-supplied) excerpts in the recent blog posts element
    • Improved: the sharpness of the gallery post format images
    • Improved: Set the portfolio slug as a constant that can be modified in a child theme
    • Improved: Updated the Twitter icon
    • Fixed: option to exclude post format in the related blog posts settings section does not show post formats that don’t contain any posts
    • Fixed: Portfolio Gallery – clicking on the “ALL” category in the filter when it is selected hides all of the items
    • Fixed: Fullscreen slider – clicking on the currently selected navigation item disables the slider navigation
    • Fixed: Portfolio Gallery – when the gallery page is opened with a category selected by default and after another category is selected in the filter, the previous/next navigation doesn’t work properly
    • Other general code improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.6.0
    • Added: A “Title & Image in header” blog post style that shows the title and featured image in the header
      of the single post page. You can see an example here
    • Added: A related posts element to the single post pages. You can see an example here
    • Added: An option to display an album of images in the portfolio carousel when it is loaded
      in non-gallery pages
    • Added: An option to set all the panes of the accordion element to be closed by default
    • Added: A “static contain” background style option to the background sections
    • Added: An option to the content slider to enable autoplay on mobile devices (which was always
      disabled by default)
    • Added: Styles for the Contact Form 7 forms elements to better match the theme’s style
    • Improved: Added styles for the JetPack video embeds that strip the theme’s responsive video div wrappers
    • Improved: Clear floats in the tabs and accordion elements
    • Improved: Accordion element – close opened panes on click
    • Fixed: Issue with the Fade slider display on mobile
    • Fixed: Sharing icons display issue on Chrome
    • Other general code improvements
  • Version 1.5.1
    • Added: A new demo – “Creative Business” to the Demo Import section
    • Added: A button shortcode so you can easily add buttons to other sections outside of the page/post content editor
    • Improved: compatibility with the upcoming WooCommerce 2.3, styled the new remove buttons from the cart widgets and improved the variations element style in the cart widget
    • Improved: fullscreen slider animations and fixed a flickering issue on the latest version of Firefox
    • Improved: add shortcodes support to the services boxes descriptions
    • Fixed: Services boxes grid style – custom services title color not applied when the default theme title color has been customised
    • Fixed: portfolio category archive items don’t have a white background applied
    • Fixed: fullscreen slider – caption of the first image of the horizontal slider not displayed on mobile devices
    • Other general code improvements
  • Version 1.5.0
    • Added: More typography options – added a font style option for header titles and menu links and also font settings for the sidebar titles
    • Added: Search button option for the header section
    • Added: Option to add a custom slider shortcode in the header, so you can easily embed third party sliders (e.g. Revolution Slider)
    • Added: Option to select the background style in the content slider
    • Added: Option to set a min height to the background sections
    • Added: LinkedIn button to the sharing buttons set
    • Added: Option to change the default vertical padding of the content slider
    • Added: Option to hide the featured image from the single portfolio pages (when the item type is set as “Standard Page”
    • Added: Option to change the default portfolio carousel thumbnail height
    • Improved: Contact form – added a sender email option to avoid messages failing to be sent due to the Yahoo DMARC reject policy
    • Improved: Lightbox design
    • Improved: Category filter loading icon spacing on mobile devices
    • Improved: Compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 4.1
    • Improved: WooCommerce call to action buttons for the different product types
    • Improved: Fullscreen slider loading animation
    • Improved: Styles of the form elements
    • Fixed: Fullscreen slider scrolling issue on Nokia Lumia
    • Fixed: Editor buttons dialog in the WooCommerce Edit Product screen.
    • Fixed: Alignment in the WooCommerce AJAX cart when variations are added
    • Fixed: Strip slashes from the header social icons titles
    • Fixed: Portfolio items show custom thumbnail image instead of the featured image/first gallery image in lightbox preview in the portfolio carousel and gallery page (when lightbox previews are linked)
    • Fixed: Background sections background style option not working (since the 1.3.0 update)
    • Other general improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.4.0
    • Added: A new demo (Agency) to the Story » Demo Import section.
    • Added: A new full-width grid layout option for the services boxes, you can see some examples here
    • Added: Typography options for the Content Slider allowing to apply different typography
      to each slide
    • Added: Option to change the default background image alignment on the Content Slider and Fullscreen Slider
    • Added: Option to use custom icons for the header social icons section
    • Added: Option to set the custom links to be opened in a new tab/window for the following elements:
        – Services Boxes
        – Portfolio Custom Link Items
        – Fullscreen Slider Button
        – Content Slider Buttons
        – Fade Slider
        – Call To Action element in footer and content
        – Button Element
        – Pricing Boxes
    • Added: Generation of IDs to each section of the full-width page template, so it is easier to link
      to those sections from the navigation menus
    • Improved: Update notification loading time when the updates data cannot be loaded
    • Improved: Indentation and spacing of the post comments form textarea
    • Improved: Escape HTML code in the previews of the elements added under the Story section (such as services boxes, testimonials, etc.)
    • Fixed: Gallery category loads posts category archive when linking to a portfolio category within the page and the gallery page is set as a front page
    • Fixed: An issue with adding an empty item (with no image) to the fade slider section
    • Fixed: Footer copyright element flickering on Chrome when the gallery items are hovered
    • Other general improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Version 1.3.0
    • Added: A fullscreen HTML5 video background option to the fullscreen slider. You can see an example here
    • Added: A new demo (Vintage) to the Story » Demo Import section
    • Added: Full-width layout option to the Quick Gallery in the full-width pages. You can
      see an example here
    • Added: A parallax effect option for the header title section
    • Added: An autoplay functionality to the fullscreen slider’s inner horizontal slider. You
      can see an example here.
    • Added: An option to change the default copyright text in the footer’s copyright section
      to a custom text
    • Added: An option to set a background image to the Boxed Layout of the theme
    • Improved: The positioning of the texts on the fullscreen slider on mobile devices
    • Improved: The layout of the portfolio post archive
    • Improved: Mobile menu positioning when the boxed layout is selected for the theme
    • Improved: The layout of the added elements containing long texts under the Story section of the admin
    • Fixed: Contact form not responsive when the full-width layout is selected on the page
    • Fixed: Simple Google Maps widget not displaying the navigation buttons properly
    • Other general and layout improvements
  • Version 1.2.1
    • Improved: design of the WooCommerce shortcodes on standard pages
    • Improved: WooCommerce: set the product category and product tag archive pages
      to automatically inherit the page layout and sidebar settings from the main shop page
    • Improved: resizing of the HTML5 videos
    • Improved: set a smaller font size to the page titles on mobile devices, even when a bigger font size is set in the options panel
    • Fixed: Selecting a category in the Recent Blog Posts element not working
    • Fixed: Content slider navigation arrows preview thumbnails mispositioned on the latest version of Chrome
    • Fixed: Hovering social icons in header make them disappear on the latest version of Chrome
    • Fixed: Some compatibility issues with the upcoming WordPress 4.0 including:
      • Columns button in editor not working properly
      • Remove the static height from the editor of the background section dialog to work with the new dynamic height functionality of the editor
    • Fixed: Remove button of the image select fields in the admin mispositioned on the latest version of Chrome
  • Version 1.2.0
    • Added: one-click demo import functionality in Story » Demo Import section
    • Added: boxed layout option for the theme – it can be activated in the Story Options »
      General Settings » Main » “Theme Layout” field
    • Added: included a child theme in the main download package
    • Added: an option to select which hover effects to show on the portfolio items in the
      portfolio gallery and carousels
    • Improved: fullscreen slider autoplay loading appearance on Chrome
    • Improved: fullscreen slider with two-column content layout on ipad landscape
    • Improved: added IDs to each of the slides on the fullscreen slider so that they can be linked from the
      menu on mobile devices as well
    • Fixed: adding new items to sliders and other sections sometimes gets blocked from the mod_security settings
      because of the action ID used in the AJAX request – another action ID has been set instead
    • Fixed: theme not detecting WooCommerce as active on multisite installations when the
      plugin is Network deactivated
    • Fixed: portfolio gallery item info box sometimes displayed too high
  • Version 1.1.0
    • Added: an autoplay functionality to the fullscreen slider – you can see an example here
    • Added: an option to change the sticky header and header overlay background colors
    • Added: an option to set a custom color to the footer call to action section button
      (by default the accent color is applied)
    • Added: an option to set a custom color to the call to action element button in content
      (by default the accent color is applied)
    • Added: PhotoShop files of the main theme pages – they are located within the PSD
      folder of the main download package
    • Improved: Spacing of the content slider on mobile devices
    • Improved: Spacing of the lightbox description when long texts are added
    • Improved: Spacing of the portfolio slider image caption when long texts are added
    • Improved: Social sharing of pages and custom post types – set the featured image of the
      page to be shared
    • Improved: Set the title on the single blog post page as h1
    • Improved: Always display the content slider arrows on mobile devices as a main navigation
    • Fixed: Page settings section sometimes gets hidden under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Fullscreen slider on mobile devices: apply the custom theme header color to the header on this page
  • Version 1.0.1
    • Added: A Pricing Table element
    • Added: An option to add a “scroll down” arrow to the first slide of the
      fullscreen slider
    • Fixed: Error displayed “You are not allowed to edit the theme options” when
      theme editing is disabled
    • Fixed: Default color of buttons in content editor – set it to the default theme color
    • Fixed: Story -> Fullscreen slider section in admin: horizontal slider images displayed on two lines
    • Fixed: Set the custom text color from the secondary elements section to the tabs and accordion elements
    • Fixed: Spacing of the two-column layout of the fullscreen slider on small screens

More WordPress Themes by Pexeto


Special thanks for all the great resources to:

  • Mono Social Icons:
  • Iconmoon icons:
  • Streamline icons:

Images used on the demo:


Full Live Demo

Mercifully Note: We refresh new substance like WordPress Themes,
Plugins, PHP Scripts ordinary. In any case, recall that you
ought to never utilize this things in a business site.
Every one of the substance posted here for advancement
and testing reason as it were. We’re not in charge of
any harm, use at your own particular RISK! We highly recommend to buy Story – Creative Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme from the The Developer ( pexeto ) website. Thank you.

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