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Simple forum is the responsive bulletin board and community forum software that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website.

Important Announcement

Please download the latest version and perform update asap.

Simple Forum Features
v0.3.1 Features


Simple forum have more than 8 color styles, private messages, custom thread fields and many other features that can help you create a very unique forum in minutes for your communities and support website. Redesigned for even greater usability. It’s the most simple yet powerful way to enable discussion on your website. No other bulletin board software offers a greater complement of features, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use.

  1. Simple & Responsive Design
  2. Settings page to easily manage the forum
  3. More than 8 color styles
  4. Forum search option
  5. Email template files
  6. Links to Social Profiles
  7. Social auth to allow user to login with Facebook, Google and 8 others
  8. Private Messages
  9. Pages & Categories
  10. Custom Thread Fields
  11. User & Badges
  12. Option to get notified for replies
  13. User avatar to get the user mini profile
  14. User registration and reset password options
  15. 4 advertisement spaces
  16. Sticky Threads
  17. 3 Forum Modes
    • Public: General forum mode, in this mode the forum will be open for public to view public threads
    • Private: Only register member will have the access to forum
    • Maintenance: Forum not available to mods and members
  18. 3 Thread Options (Who can see)
    • Everyone: Everyone public (not private), members and all other can see the thread
    • Members: Only registered members can see the thread
    • Admnins, Mods & Me: Creator, moderators and admins can see the thread
  19. 3 Editors
    • Redactor: Commercial HTML Editor
    • SimpleDME: Markdown Editor
    • SCEditor: BBCode Editor
  20. 3 User Roles
    • Admin: admins can perform any task on forum from thread to settings
    • Moderator: moderators can perform all task as admin except users, settings and delete rights
    • Member: Forum member can create threads, add replies.
  21. Forum Statistics with
    • Total thread
    • Total Replies
    • Total members (users including the admins & mods)
  22. Today’s Events
    • Logins: The list of users logged in
    • Birthdays: The list of the users who are celebrating birthday

Live Demo Details

Demo Link:
Role: username / password
Admin: admin [email protected] / 12345678
Moderator: moderator [email protected] / 12345678
Member: user1 [email protected] / 12345678
Member: user2 [email protected] / 12345678

Change log

Update 1.2.4 (22nd June 2018)

* Updated CI to 3.1.9

Update 1.2.2 & 1.2.3 (6th June 2018)

* Fixed topic/post body input issue

Update 1.2.1 (22th May 2018)

* Fixed video display issue caused in v1.2.0

Update 1.2.0 (17th May 2018)

+ Added option for threads to be sticky for category
+ Added option for user to unsubscribe

Update 1.1.0 (11th April 2018)

* Updated CI to 3.1.8
* Improved email errors
+ Added share buttons for threads

Update 1.0.2 (5th January 2018)

* Fixed social auth endpoint and added missing vendor folder

Update 1.0.1 (19th November 2017)

* Corrected total replies number on user profile
* Fixed user topics pagination

Update 1.0.0 (17th Oct 2017)

* Updated CI (3.1.6)
* Improved Social Auth
* Replaced redactor with trumbowyg

Update 0.6.7 (4th July 2017)

* Fixed category link issue (on edit category)

Update 0.6.6 (4th July 2017)

* Updated CI to 3.1.5
* Fixed edit topic/post vulnerability
* Improved slug (for apostrophe)
* Fixed bbcode emoticons issue

Update 0.6.5 (16th June 2017)

* Fixed social auth username issue

Update 0.6.4 (20th May 2017)

+ New slug feature to get slug for any language
* Fixed emoticon and youtube issue for sceditor
* Fixed Thread subscription notification issue
+ Added search input on user page
+ Added category order option
* Updated libs & framework to latest 

Update (1st January 2017)

+ Update CI to 3.1.2
* Improved font size for bbcode editor.

Update V0.6.1 (17th November 2016)

+ Added option to disable/hide threads/show threads for flag
+ Added option to hide member listing page

Update V0.6 (6th October 2016)

+ Added thread approval feature
+ Added option to edit the custom fields on edit topic
+ Added flag/report option for thread and replies 
+ Added Login & Register modal (change in settings)
+ Added option to enable/disable registration 
+ Added option for guest replies/comments
+ Added wordpress login (beta - for same host only)
+ Added option to not accept messages from members
+ Added option to detach badges
+ Added user signature feature
+ Added ban user option
+ Added alert notification
* Improved censor words feature

Update V0.5 (15th August 2016)

+ Added subscription option for (daily/weekly/monthly digest)
* Improved the error message for 404 Not Found
* Fixed public access issue for members only threads
+ Added footer code (analytic) option in ad settings

Update V0.4.1.1 (23rd July 2016)

+ Added sitemap feature (check settings page)
+ Added option to view user threads (from profile)
+ Added sorting feature for members

Update V0.4.1 (13th June 2016)

+ Added Links to user profile on members page
* Fixed delete user issue caused in v0.4

Update V0.4 (10th June 2016)

+ Added APIs (enable/disable in settings)
+ Added who's online in sidebar & click to see the list
* Updated avatars to display user status (online/offline)
+ Added option to see the members
+ Added last reply by and improved quote style
* Fixed add/edit page validation issue

Update V0.3.6 (5th May 2016)

+ Added my threads feature
+ Added quote feature, you can quote any reply now
+ Added new thread sorting option by views
+ Added private field for category (only admins and mods can post)
* Allowed user to change username and email
* Fixed homepage title duplication and search issue

Update V0.3.5 (18th April 2016)

* Fixed inactive category issue
* Fixed pagination issue for child categories 

Update V0.3.4 (7th April 2016)

* Fixed wrong notification emails issue

Update V0.3.3 (2nd April 2016)

+ Added new user registration notification email in private mode
* Fixed page edit/delete links issue
* Updated CI to 3.0.6

Update V0.3.2 (15th February 2016)

+ Added new sorting options (by last reply time)

Update V0.3.1 (4th February 2016)

+ Added star rating (change voting in settings)
* Improved thumbs voting

Update V0.3 (3rd February 2016)

+ Added voting feature for the threads (enable/disable in settings)
+ Added thread sorting option in settings
* Fixed other editors issues

Update V0.2.1 (25th January 2016)

* Fixed edit user issue as the dob and password was required

Update V0.2.0 (12th December 2015)

+ Added option for ads ( 4 advertisement spaces)
+ Added private messaging feature
+ Added option for custom thread fields
+ Added support for RTL languages
* Changed background of sticky thread

User Guide

Full Live Demo

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