Nulled Paperless Queue Management Solutions for iOS free download

Paperless Queue Management Solutions for iOS-[Clean-Nulled].zip

3 Mobile App Included and Version

  • Visitor App: 4.1.10
  • Admin App: 4.0.10 (Support Tablet or iPad)
  • CallPad App: 4.3.10 (Support Tablet or iPad)

Contact: [email protected]

What’s New in version 4

  • Support Shopping Cart
  • Support Notification for coming count
  • Support Auto Connect Printer
  • Support 2 Length Metric (meter and foot)
  • Restrict Multiple Device Login
  • More…

What’s included

  • Create Token with QR Code
  • Complete Token with QR Code
  • Cancel Token
  • Transfer Token
  • Waze
  • Share Token Info
  • Store Location with Map
  • Post Advertisement Poster to Visitor App
  • Report and Insight
  • SMS and Push Notification
  • Support Tablet or iPad (Admin Panel)
  • More…

Idea for Industry

  • Health: Hospitals, Health Center, Physician’s offices, Clinics
  • Government Services: Immigration, Payments
  • Beauty: Barbershop, Beauty Clinic, Salon
  • Food: Restaurants, Take aways, Butchers, Bakeries
  • Transportation: Airports, Seaports, Bus Station

Why Choose PaperlessQMS?

  • Open Source with 3 App and 2 platform
  • Realtime Database and Responsive UI
  • Admin Panel with Mobile Phone and Tablet or iPad
  • Insight of Visitors and Employees Performance
  • Scan QRCode with Fast and Accurate
  • Modern UI Design
  • Push Notification and Vibration Reminder
  • SMS Notification
  • Latest Mobile Technology
  • Save Paper and Save Environment
  • Contact Free

Why use iPad or Tablet as Platform?

Select a right platform is essential for developing a business. There are couple of different platforms available in market such as Window, Linux, MacOS, Android or iOS. Below is the listed 5 advantages belong to iPad as a business platform for future.

  • Smaller screen and lightweight

    • Easy to move without burden
  • More portable
    • Carry everywhere
  • Stylish and modern design
    • Improve personal and business image
  • Longer battery life
    • No need wire cable
  • Apps Are Restrictive
    • No virus or hacker

Think Paperless. Think how to solve the current people in queue method with paperless solutions.

Visitor can create the token number by his/her mobile phone or scanning the store QRCode. Realtime data will be synchronised with animation and let
visitors have better experience and responsive.

If the visitor does not show up when onQueue, the BIZ
people can make a phone call to the visitor.

Free Trail

Note*: You need create your identical account because version 4 has restricted multiple device login

Contact [email protected] for request a DEMO with demo account.


PaperlessQMS for BIZ

PaperlessQMS CallPad
















Installation Check List

  • Setup Firebase google-services.json or GoogleService-Info.plist on Admin, CallPad and Visitor App
  • Setup Firebase RemoteConfig, Authentication, Storage, Functions and Database
  • Setup Realtime Database and Firestore Rule. Read README
  • Install Admin, CallPad amd Visitor App on your mobile phone
  • Register new account on Visitor App
  • Login on Admin App for create a new Company and Branch Profile. Follow the wizard.
  • Create Services and Counters under your Branch on Admin App
  • Setup Opening Hours for your Branch on Admin App
  • Enable or switch on your Branch on Admin App. Your store will display on Visitor App.
  • Create a new Token from Visitor app. You SHOULD fail to create because missing of Firestore Composite Index.
  • Firestore Composite Indexing. Need go through all the features from App for create index by clicking the URL
    link on log messages.
  • Setup Languages (Optional). Read README

Android Project Quick Start

  1. “flutter create .” (This will create the missing files)
  2. Downlod google-services.json from Firebase Console and update the local one
  3. “flutter run” (This will install the app on your device)
  4. “flutter build appbundle” (This will create appbundle for publish to Google Play Console)
  5. Goto Google Play Console and deploy this appbundle

iOS Project Quick Start

  1. “flutter create .” (This will create the missing files)
  2. Goto Xcode, update the Firebase GoogleService-Info.plist (This will use your Firebase features)
  3. Goto Xcode, configure the Signing for the app bundle (You need Apple developer account)
  4. Goto Xcode, update the App Icon (Icon can be generated from Internet)
  5. “cd ios”
  6. “cd pod update” (This will download or update the Library from Internet)
  7. “cd ..”
  8. “flutter run” (This will install the app on your mobile device)
  9. “flutter build ios” (This will start for deploy the app to AppStore)
  10. Go to Xcode, run Product>Archive (make sure Runner>Generic iOS Device)
  11. After Archive, follow the steps on Xcode and publish to AppStore

NodeJS Project Quick Start

  1. Get start with Firebase Functions (
  2. Setup NodeJS environment
  3. Make sure you can run “npm” and “firebase” command on your local
  4. Clean the content in .firebaserc file
  5. “firebase login” (You should have Firebase Account”)
  6. “firebase init functions” (Follow the steps and use default setting)
  7. “cd functions”
  8. “npm i” (This will download the NodeJS Library)
  9. Update setting where ”// NEED UPDATE ACCORDING TO FIREBASE PROJECT” on the *.js files
  10. “firebase deploy”
  11. Goto Firebase Console check the deploy is success

By following Envato License Type, you must use Extended License if:
* Publish your app as a PAID app.
* Your App is In-App Purchase (mean your user able to buy some feature).
* Sell your app on Auction Markets.
Both Regular & Extended license are allowed to be installed on One Domain. The main difference between these
licenses is that under the Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you’ve purchased) is
distributed free of charge, whereas under the Extended License your end product may be sold or otherwise limited to
paying customers.

Full Live Demo

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