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▼ Communication management script with the athlete | crm register and receive and issue the program | nodeJs script ▼

Note: Due to the fact that an upgrade and update has been considered for the script of Moyar and features will be added to it, for this reason its price will also change and increase.

If someone is planning to buy, register and complete the order as soon as possible to receive updates and new features for free later.


  Basic definitions of terms used

CRM in simple language :

What is CRM? The word CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and means customer relationship management. A CRM strategy manages interactions between a company and customers (and potential customers) in order to improve communication with them, generate more profits, and reduce advertising costs. In simpler words, the CRM system helps businesses to communicate with customers, simplifies the sales process and multiplies the efficiency. 

This is the purpose of CRM in one sentence : 

It transforms your communications and interactions with customers in line with customer satisfaction and increasing company profitability!

CRM or customer relationship management also helps you focus on the organization’s relationship with each individual throughout the process of interacting with them, including finding new customers, selling, and providing support and service throughout your relationship. This process includes customer attraction, customer retention and finally customer loyalty, all of which are done by CRM.


General introduction of athlete management coach (Moyar)

The moyar system is an online and fully automatic environment that makes things like receiving program requests or issuing and providing support practically easier for trainers.  

What is the main problem? :

Most of the trainers of bodybuilding or other sports who are famous or have many athletes who serve them, are practically under the pressure of requests and hard management. We solve the main problem of these people with this system. 

What important problems does this system solve? :

By setting up this system and giving a link to your athletes, you can automatically register requests and pay online, and practically you have nothing to do with the athlete directly, and you can manage the requests yourself without the need for an admin. Write and send your program online, which will be automatically sent to the athlete by SMS or email after writing and pressing the registration button.

Also, if the athlete has a question or a problem, he records it in the form of a support ticket, which is another advantage of this system. Because the teachers were always in agony due to the disturbances or the large volume of messages.  

The best advantage of the moyar :


System features :

    • Show coaches and managers on the main page
    • Ability to track requests with a tracking code
    • Ready tools to check health, such as (bmi, bsa, bmr) and ideal weight
    • The ability to manipulate and change map descriptions, contact details, social networks, rules, etc. in the bottom part of the page and in the pages (contact us, about us, rules)
    • Day and night mode
    • Ability to operate the system in 4 languages ​​(Persian, Russian, Arabic, English)
    • The ability to register with a mobile number
    • Ability to recover password with mobile number
    • Login with mobile number
    • Login with email number
    • The ability to log in with a Google account (gmail)
    • The ability to verify that the login is not a bot (preventing hacking and disruption in the system – recaptcha)
    • Display the number of paid invoices, conversations, active coaches and program requests
    • Display the payment chart of a recent year
    • Show payment wallets for coaches
    • The ability to register the program request by the athlete to the smallest physical details
    • Receive images of athletes
    • Online payment by athlete – interface portal
    • Offline payment by the athlete – card to card or virtual currency and…
    • Ability to view the application status by the athlete
    • The ability to see and download previous programs issued by the athlete
    • Ability to view paid invoices
    • Ability to register a support ticket to communicate with the manager or coach
    • Ability to view the list of trainers
    • Ability to edit profile – user profile
    • Ability to write the program online by the instructor
    • The ability to write the program on the sheet and upload the image
    • SMS of program pdf automatically to the athlete
    • E-mailing the pdf of the program automatically to the athlete
    • Notification of the new program request to the instructor by e-mail
    • Notification of the new program request to the instructor via SMS
    • The ability to view the profile of the athlete while writing the program
    • Ability to register user (manager, coach, athlete) manually
    • Set access to individual parts for users
    • View the list of users (manager, coach, athlete)
    • Ability to edit user profiles (manager, coach, athlete)
    • Ability to disable – ban the user
    • Ability to delete a single user
    • Ability to delete groups of users
    • The ability to exit from the list of users
    • Ability to view and confirm offline payments
    • E-mail notification to users
    • Ability to notify users by SMS
    • The ability to notify users of browser notifications
    • The ability to see website problems
    • The ability to change the main settings of the website
    • The ability to register a specific profile for each user – just like Instagram
    • and…


A brief introduction :




Full Live Demo

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