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The HTML5 Media Picture Gallery has such a good presentation that we believe it is one of the best on sale. It is a grid form gallery of fixed height (the height will be set based on the number of rows) that will adapt to fit the browser’s width regardless of the screen resolution.

The gallery can have any number of images and each image can be of any size, but proportional to a base thumb width and height. When an image is clicked or touched, it will open a lightbox window with the a bigger version of the image, youtube or vimeo video, or just a simple link (the link url and target can be speficied).

This gallery is using the GPU (hardware acceleration), the rendering speed and performance is impeccable on desktop computers and most importantly on mobile devices.

Amazing performance on mobile devices, you can see in the video demo that it runs just like a native app!, it was coded and optimized for mobile devices and it is 100% mobile compatible and of course it will run just as great on PC. We have tested it on IPAD3 and it runs great, you will interact with it as you would with a native app, you can see a video demo at this link.

This HTML5 Media Picture Gallery plugin can be embedded in WordPress and you will receive, along with the download files, the complete instructions in the help file. WordPress demo available here.


Fully XML driven this makes it really easy to install and maintain.

Optimized for mobile, you can actually drag the grid just like you would on a native mobile app (touch screen navigation support for mobile), we insist to watch again a video demo at this link

Unique and original grid style gallery type.

Good memory management for mobile, this gallery will work on all mobile devices with HTML5 support and it is actually coded so that it will not consume too much memory this way the browser will not die, there’s a lot more under the hood of this gallery than meets the eye!

Size flexible or fluid layout!

Support for multiple instances in the same page: you may have as many galleries as you want in the same page and each one of the galleries / instances has its unique set of images and settings. You can have as many galleries as you wish.

The entire color theme and graphics skin can be modified the buttons are actually images (.png or .jpg) so you can replace them with your own graphics, the button graphics can have a different shape, basically the look of this gallery can be completely modified. The skins presented in the samples are all included in the download files.

All buttons and the scrollbar are optional.

Support for unlimited number of thumbnails, you can have as many thumbnails as you like.

Thumbnail title text can be showed by default or only when selected.

Support any type of image format, (landscape, portrait or whatever)!

CSS support, most of the gallery elements can be styled with css for example the thumbnail title and description texts can be styled with CSS.

Scrollbar + right and left buttons to scroll the grid, as mentioned above the graphics for this buttons can be modified (optional).

Sides right and left buttons to scroll the grid, as mentioned above the graphics for this buttons can be modified (optional).

It can have any number of rows and each row can have any number of images.

The space between the thumbnails can be set.

The border size and color can be set, also the thumb border can be removed if you don’t need it.

Optional thumb drop shadow.

The thumbs can be set to black and white and when selected the color version of the image is revealed, this is all an internal function, this mean that you only need to provide the color version of the thumbnail image.

The thumbnail images can be of any size, but they all must be proportional to a base thumb width and height (this is explained in detail in the help files).

On thumb click or touch it can open a simple lightbox or an external link.

The lightbox window content can be a bigger image, a video from the youtube or vimeo sites.

Many other cool features …

Full Live Demo

Mercifully Note: We refresh new substance like WordPress Themes,
Plugins, PHP Scripts ordinary. In any case, recall that you
ought to never utilize this things in a business site.
Every one of the substance posted here for advancement
and testing reason as it were. We’re not in charge of
any harm, use at your own particular RISK! We highly recommend to buy HTML5 Media Picture Gallery from the The Developer ( FWDesign ) website. Thank you.

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