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FireAdmin is Firebase advance dynamic admin panel that works for every firebase live database configuration and from v3 with Firestore. It is based on Facebook ReactJS.

No coding skills needed. Just follow our docs to setup the app.js file and you are up and running in no time.


  • Firestore support
  • Dynamic fields for photos, drop downs,HTML, Date&Time
  • Create – Read – Update – Delete functionality
  • Works for every use case.
  • Grouping logic.
  • Push notification with firebase and OneSignal.
  • Login via user from firebase.
  • Docs

    The admin layout is based on

    Brought to you by: Mobidonia app builder

    Change log

    Full change log and update instructions.

    2018-05-06 ver 5.1.0
      - Feature: External links in menu - ex
      - Fix: Sorting in Firestore causes problem, disabled
      - Feature: Scroll to top fix
      - Feature: On insert, go directly to the new element
    2018-04-23 ver 5.0.0
      - Feature:  Reordering of Array data ( firebase only )
      - Feature: Currently logged in user-related data ex. users/{useruuid}/profiledata
      - Feature: List of fields to be hidden
      - Feature: List of fields to be read-only
      - Feature: New icons 
    2018-03-21 ver 4.4.0
      - Feature:  Expo push notification
      - Fix: Table improvements
      - Fix: Google Map
      - Fix: HTML Field
    2018-01-26  ver 4.3.0
      - Feature: Add starting element in Firestore
      - Feature: Search in the tables
      - Feature: Google Map in Firebase
      - Feature: Version display on screen
    2018-01-18  ver 4.2.0
      - Fix: Sidebar bg fix
      - Fix: Saving numbers in firebase
    2018-01-11  ver 4.1.0
      - Added: Loading indicator
    2018-01-10  ver 4.0.0
      - Added: Better date and time component
    2017-12-11  ver 3.2.0
      - Added: Google Auth
      - Added: Magic Fields - match multiple fields at once ex. *Color.
    2017-12-05  ver 3.1.0
      - Fix: Overwriting the 10th element.
    2017- 11- 29 ver 3.0.1
      - Fix:  Error on starting npm-start / yarn-start
    2017-11-28 ver 3.0.0
      -Added: FIRESTORE Support
      -Added: Map module
      -Added: Build REAL RELATIONS in Firestore
    2017-09-10 ver 2.4.0
      -Fix: Datatables are removed, since they where making probem in paging and ordering
      -Fix: Side menu doesn't close / open
      -Fix: Image / File picker pop up doesn't open
      -Fix: Insert / Schema problem
    2017-09-29 ver 2.3.0
      -Implemented: Handling error on mising schema
    2017-09-05 ver 2.2.0
      -Implemented: Better looking for the insert schema. Better inserting in arrays
    2017-09-01 ver 2.1.0
      -Added: Icon Picker , MaterialDesing, FontAwesone
    2017-08-27 ver 2.0.0
      -Added: Color picker, RGBA & HEX Color
      -Added: File upload. Any file type.
      -Added: Build RELATIONS in Firebase.
      -Implemented: Better looking for the insert schema.
      -Implemented: Use the schema to give the display order of your data.
      -Implemented: Loading indicator when uploading image or file.
      -Fix: Fixed hardcoded joins.
    2017-08-06 ver 1.3.0
      -Fix: tableFields where not taken into consideration when constructing the table.
    2017-07-28 ver 1.2.0
      -Fix: The scroll was not working on Windows due to 3rt party javascript that is not ok with ReactJS
    2017-07-24 ver 1.1.0
      -Added: Implementation of paginng. 
    2017-07-10 ver 1.0.0
      -Initial: Initial Version.

    Full Live Demo

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