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Cycloid  is a efficient system and  management tool to track company’s assets. With Cycloid  you can manage the entire life cycle (design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing, and decommissioning/disposal) of physical and infrastructure assets.

Cycloid provide users the capability to reuse, coordinate, and share information efficiently and effectively in order to support company assets life cycle management and strategic decision making.



A descriptive dashboard using the data collected like:

  • Total assets
  • InProgress Interventions
  • New Tickets
  • Pending Requests
  • Pending Tickets table
  • Assets by category
  • Recent Assets
  • Asset in maintenance table


   Assets Management

     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete asset

     -Upload asset’s image and files

     -Display assets list

     -Filter assets by : Category, model, status, location.

     -Display asset’s details (History movement, attached files, affected components, maintenance status, tickets)

     -Check out asset to(employee, department, asset, location)

     -Check in asset and change status.

     -Download assets list

   Components Management

     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete component

     -Filter component  by : Category, location.

     -Check out component to asset.

   Accessories Management

     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete accessorie

     -Filter accessories  by : Category, location.

     -Check out accessorie to asset.

   Consumables Management

     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete consumable

     -Filter consumables  by : Category, location.

     -Check out consumable to asset.

   License Management

     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete license

     -Filter Licenses  by : Category, location.

     -Check out software license to asset.


    -The Asset Requests module enables employees to raise request for assets and view the requests raised by them.



Maintenance is one of asset life cycle stages, with Cycloid you can create intervention for assets.


     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete intervention

     -Update status intervention : New, In progress, Done

     -Filter interventions  by : Type(Reactive, Preventive, Predictive), Status, Priority.


     -Create(with full informations )/edit/delete ticket

     -Update status ticket : New, Assigned, Resolved

     -Filter ticket  by : Type, Priority.







  •   Categorys
  •   Asset models
  •   Status
  •   Manifacturer
  •   Suppliers
  •   Locations
  •   Users
  •   Roles
  •   Permissions


  • .Net Core SDK <svg preserveaspectratio=”xMidYMin meet” height=”10” viewbox=”0 0 10 10” width=”10” xmlns=”” fill=”#115bc0” fill-opacity=”.9”><path d=”M1.19394919,9.79746779 C0.920819297,10.0675107 0.478242263,10.0675107 0.205110233,9.79746804 C-0.0683700781,9.5270821 -0.0683700781,9.08844536 0.205110236,8.81805942 L7.8575164,1.38445055 L4.33910981,1.38445055 C3.95289918,1.38445055 3.63957135,1.07469174 3.63957135,0.692243955 C3.63957135,0.309790051 3.95290541,0 4.33910981,0 L9.0856153,0 C9.59048137,0 10,0.404882452 10,0.904656043 L10,5.59743956 C10,5.97989021 9.68665927,6.28968131 9.30046146,6.28968131 C8.91425632,6.28968131 8.60092299,5.97989383 8.60092299,5.59743956 L8.60092299,2.47431418 L1.19394919,9.79746779 Z”></path></svg>   2.1 or later
  • Visual Studio 2017 or later with the following workloads:

    • ASP.NET and web development
    • .NET Core cross-platform development

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