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Webinse –°RM for Magento(Customer Relationship Management) allows you to create reminders for orders and customers. That would be rather handy for your store administration. Our extension will help you to split tasks and reminders among different employees and groups of your Magento store. It also can help you not to forget about client or order.

You can’t track all of your clients and their associated tasks and events. You can simply forget about your client, and such situation can be a blow to your reputation. With Webinse CRM you can store and manage hundreds of clients and let a computer system sent you reminders.

To create reminder you just need to go in CRM tab in appropriate order tab or customer profile, and click on the button “Add New Reminder”. CRM also maintain attachments that are not reminders indeed.

All reminders are related with start and due date and all reminders are visible on the top of back-end pages all the time before their accomplishment.

Extension also allows you to create groups of employees (e.g., sellers or account managers) in System->Permissions->Groups, and create task not only for a particular employee, but for all department. The system also sends notifications to the group, if task has been assigned or changed.

Note: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them.


  1. Ability to set up reminders and notes
  2. Ability to create groups of employees (users)
  3. Ability to create tasks assigned to groups
  4. Ability to send notifications when creating or editing (reminder itself or automatic change of reminder’s status) a task.
  5. Ability to set reminder’s content by using WYSIWYG editor
  6. Possibility to have attachments to orders and customers
  7. Possibility to see reminders on the top of dashboard or on all back-end pages
  8. Ability to see all reminders in the CRM tab
  9. Convenient management of the reminders by using statuses such as ‘Pending’, ‘Running’, ‘Complete’ or ‘Failed’
  10. CRM tab for orders
  11. CRM tab for customer

More details about reminder’s statuses

  1. ‘Pending’ – If you set start date the bigger than current date, status will be automatically set to pending
  2. ‘Running’ – It is set to reminder if the start date less than current date and the due date is absent or is bigger than current
  3. ‘Complete’ – If you click on the link or button ‘Complete’ in the CRM grid or in Reminders on the top of the pages
  4. ‘Failled’ – All uncompleted reminders with due date which are less than current date automtically set to failed

Administration & Configuration

All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, installation requires little time and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

Also you may customize reminders by using configuration in the System -> Configuration -> Webinse -> CRM tab.

Note: In the top of the pages only reminders which have status ‘Running’ or ‘Failed’ will be outputed.

Note:Pay attention that if you want to use the WYSIWYG editor, please make sure that the System->Configuration->General->Content Mangement ->Use Static URLs for Media Content in WYSIWYG for Catalog field set to ‘Yes’. And after this, please clean cache.

Version and Compatibility

Webinse CRM Extension version 2.1.2 is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.7-1.9.

Click here to see the Documentation

Live demo

Admin Panel


Jun 17 2017 – Version 2.1.2

- Standardized menus
- ACL options and config tabs

Apr 29 2017 – Version 2.1.1

- removed MEQP1 warnings

Feb 14 2017 – Version 2.1.0

- Added permissions config

Jul 03 2015 – Version 2.0.2

- Fixed email notification logic
- Added new columns to CRM grid
- Added link to reminder edit page
- Added new filed to crm_reminders
- Applied new reminders fields
- Reformatted code with Webinse style
- Possibility to upload .html and .html files

Aug 15 2014 – Version 1.9.0

- Added email notifications
- Created user groups
- Added logic to user notifications from group
- Minor bug fixes

Jul 16 2014 – Version 1.8.0

- Minor bug fixes

Jun 18 2014 – Version 1.7.5

- Fix issue for GMT dates

May 28 2014 – Version 1.7.4

- Minor bug fixes

May 28 2014 – Version 1.7.3

- Add reminders to all pages in admin panel

May 28 2014 – Version 1.7.2

- Added a new field 'Content' with WYSIWYG editor that gives possibility to have additional information regarding to the specific reminder
- Added pop-up with additional info about reminder (field 'Content')
- Minor bug fixes

May 23 2014 – Version 1.7.1

- Fixed bug in sorting for the reminder's grid
- Added filtration to the reminder grid
- Added statuses to the reminders
- Minor bug fixes

May 16 2014 – Version 1.6.8

- Fixed bug in sorting for the reminder's grid
- Added filtration to the reminder grid
- Added statuses to the reminders
- Minor bug fixes

May 14 2014 – Version 1.6.5

- Minor bug fixes.

May 06 2014 – Version 1.6.4

- Show reminders only for assigned users
- Minor bugfixes

Apr 15 2014 – Version 1.6.3

- Bug fixes
- Significant architecture improvements

Apr 04 2014 – Version 1.6.1

- Ability to set up reminders and comments
- Possibility to have attachments to orders and customers
- Possibility to see reminders on the dashboard
- Ability to see all reminders in the CRM tab
- CRM tab for orders
- CRM tab for customer

Full Live Demo

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