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BuuhV is a PHP Social Videos Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


BuuhV Version 1.0

What’s the theme of buuhv?

BuuhV use the VIDOE Theme Kit VIDOE Theme

About BuuhV

BuuhV is a video sharing platform.

You can from watching videos to posting videos.

You can create placements

Subscribe to channels

Comment on videos

Like or dislike comments

Watch videos

Check your watched video history

Do channel search by categories

Customize your account and your channel by changing your profile photo and cover photo

You can also change the channel name after you create it

BuuhV also has an account activation system so that fake accounts can not be created.   For this, BuuhV uses gmail for checking accounts.

At BuuhV you also have an automatic time zone and language detection system so the system can provide a better experience.

BuuhV also has a session-based login system to protect your account, so if you connect to a computer and connect to another computer using the same account, the previous connection will be closed

BuuhV also has an intelligent recommendation and search system for videos and channels that are stored on the site

In BuuhV you have the option to activate the AmazonS3 Upload system, so if you do not have enough space on your server and if you want to improve its perfomance, you can register on the AmazonS3 site and set up your account to upload videos to their server, is the same system that Netflix uses to store company videos.

If you do not have a lot of money available or you want to improve the perfomance of your site, BuuhV also has a video integration system with Youtube.

All Youtube videos are linked to BuuhV, so your site is already full of content to intreter users and you do not have to start from scratch.

In the Administration Panel you can configure:

  1. Your Gmail account for sending email.   Remember to enable the: least secure apps in your gmail option for the account verification system to work

  2. Change site name

  3. Set up your AmazonS3 account data to upload (access the AmazonS3 site for more information)

  4. Enable or disable maintenance mode

  5. Configure Ajax System Notification Update Time

  6. Set up the link for the Android app or IOS app for your site

  7. Enable or disable the AmazonS3 system

  8. Configure the path of your FFMPEG (you need to have this system installed on your server, for more information go to: or contact your provider)

  9. Insert the Google Adsense ad system so your site can generate money from ads on video pages

  10. Enable or disable the WebSocket system

  • What is WebSocket?

–  WebSocket is a technology that allows bi-directional communication over full-duplex channels over a single Transmission Control Protocol socket.   It is designed to run on browsers and web servers that support HTML5, but can be used by any client or application server.

  • Why use websocket?

– When using the websocket your server gains more power, in reality what happens is that unlike the ajax system that makes multiple requests, the websocket system always maintains an open connection to the user, so the notifications and the necessary connections for the user always be open without the need to request the connection to the server whenever you need some information and then wait for the server to return this information, this creates a delay in response time.   WebSocket also allows the website server to use its server power in the best possible way, gaining more performance.   Companies like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, use the technology WebSocket.

  1. Configure the connection latency of your WebSocket server in the administrative panel.   It is recommended to leave the default that was set at the time of BuuhV Script configuration

  2. Configure your server’s port, so you can contact your service provider and see which port is available for use

  3. Set up your Gmal server:

  • Host: The host is the address of the server that will provide the e-mail service.   The server should be:

  • Email: Email is the address of your Gmail account that will send the email to verify the accounts created on your site

  • Password: This is the field where you must enter the previously entered email access password.   Only you have access to this information, so do not worry about typing this data.

  • And finally, you need to enable the THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS option in your Gmail account.

  1. And finally, in the administrative panel, you need to paste the API key of your Youtube Video API.   For more information, please visit:

Note: you need to have FFMPEG and NODE JS installed on your, server for more information see the FFMPEG website and contact your hosting provider to install NODE JS


User/General Features:

  • Detect Pornograph Photo BuuhV has a system to detect pornograph photo
  • WebSocket BuuhV has a websocket system that allows the site to support large traffic, is the same technology used by YouTube. You have instant messages and notifications.
  • Share system You can share the post in your BuuhV or in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc
  • Read More & Read Less
  • AmazonS3 BuuhV have included AmazonS3 Upload.
  • Auto-Detect Timezone BuuhV also support auto-timezone system
  • Subscribe BuuhV also support subscribe channels like YouTube
  • Admincp BuuhV also support admincp to you setting your website
  • Auto-Detect Language BuuhV also support for auto-language.
  • Multlanguage BuuhV also support for mult-language.
  • Real-Time Real-Time Notifications
  • Smart Publisher Users can publisher videos
  • YouTube Users can share links from these media
  • Notifications Get notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when they: Like, Subscribe, Comment your video and Channel
  • Privacy users can change their privacy settings anytime
  • Videos upload videos and have them displayed as a gallery.
  • Videos From YouTube upload videos from youtube and have them displayed as a gallery.
  • Videos From Iframe upload videos from iframe and have them displayed as a gallery.
  • Awesome Profile with Covers and Avatars for user profiles
  • Verify Badge Now profile support verify badge
  • Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices)


  • BuuhV requires Apache Server, PHP 5.6+ and MySQL to run
  • Before install BuuhV please make sure that mysqli, mod_rewrite, cURL, SSL, Minimum 1GB RAM, intl extensions are enabled on your server. you can ask your hosting company to make sure to enable it for you
  • The BuuhV need a system with OS CentOS or Linux/Ubuntu.
  • The BuuhV need FFMPEG check with your host provedor how to get it.

Change Log / Updates

Version 1.0 31-12-2018

  • Initial version

Full Live Demo

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