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Angular Code Generator is a .net desktop application that generates C# Data Access Layer for SQL Server, Controllers for Web APi, Typscript files for Angular and Stored procedures for DataBase. The purpose of this application is to make software development easy.


  • It creates C# classes as Models (one for each table).
  • Creates methods for CRUD operations.
  • Uses Singleton pattern for DALC layer.
  • Controller classes for each table.
  • Creates Typscript class for Services, Components, Models, Modules, Routes.
  • Creates Html Files, CSS files, for each table as forms. 
  • Includes the search feature.
  • Supports Pagination, sorting.
  • Primary key and Identity key handled.
  • Supports SQL Server Only.

All the following data types of SQL Server are supported: char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, decimal, numeric,money, bit,  timestamp, datetime, datetime2,  bigint, int, smallint.  

Generated Code contains:


  • Model Class: For each table a class is created that contains all columns of the table as properties.
  • DALC Class: For each table a class is created that contains methods Insert, Update, Delete, Select, Select by Primary Key, Select with search parameters.
  • Controllers : For each table a controller will be created which contains methods GetAll, GetByPrimaryKey, Update, Delete, Add and another seachcontroller(if it is selected for) which contains method Search with params.

Angular TypeScript files

  • For display : Each table will have Component file, html file, css file.
  • For Add and Update : Each table will have Component file, html file, css file, service file and module file.
  • For Delete : Each table will have Component file, service file and module file.
  • Services : Each table will have a separate service file.

Stored procedures

  • For each table an Insert SP, Update SP, Delete SP, Select SP, SelectBy Primarykey SP, SelectBy Params SP will be created.

For Sample Generated code click here. This sample code is created without writing a single line of code.

All the attached web screen generated by this tool. With out writing a single line of code.

**It needs primary key for each table, if not a column should be selected in the tool. It supports only one primary key.

The code generation takes place in the server this tool is only for taking the inputs and send it to server. The serve process the given data and generates the code which will be downloaded to the specified path.

Full Live Demo

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